Pentyrch is in the north western corner of the County of Cardiff in South Wales.  Separated by a ridge from urban Cardiff, it enjoys a pleasant rural outlook over fields of sheep, cattle, and cereal crops.  Although it has ancient origins, much of Pentyrch has been developed in the past four decades, during which its population has grown to some 3,000, many of whom commute to work in Cardiff or other nearby areas.

Standing on the lower slopes of the Garth, whose summit is a shade over a thousand feet above sea-level, the village is served by a small group of local shops, two public houses, doctors' and veterinary surgeries.  The village supports a wide range of local organisations, many of them based in the parish church or village hall.  Sporting activities, centred at Parc-y-Dwrlyn, include rugby, bowls, tennis, and cricket.  The Pentyrch Hill Race, attracting fell runners from across the country, takes place annually towards the end of April.

Children are educated in Pentyrch Primary School until 11 years of age.  Older students travel to schools and colleges outside the village.

The Pentyrch Website was established in the late 1990s, mainly to provide information about local organisations and events.  Most groups now have their own web presence so there is no longer a need for this more general site.  Its content has therefore been reduced, and the whole site will close in May 2016.